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  • It has always been our commitment to manufacturing feed processing machine, feed production line, microorganism fertilizer production line and refuse disposal production line. Our company has impeccable sales system and after-sales service system. Among 20 employees from sales department and customer service department, 5 of whom are responsible for foreign operations...

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    1. SZLJ20 Pellet Mill

      The pellet machine is well received because of the compact structure, nice appearance ...

    1. SZLJ25 Pellet Mill

      Depending on actual demand of customers, we provide the SZLJ25 model pellet mill with ...

    1. SZLJ32 Pellet Mill

      The SZLJ32 model pellet mill we offer can be divided into two series depending ...

    1. SZLJ32B Feed Pellet Mill

      This machine is suitable for small and medium enterprises to do the granulation production of high-quality poultry, fish feed pellets and other materials.
      The main transmission uses imported bearings, low noise.

    1. SZLJ400 (420) Feed Pellet Mill

      Made of durable stainless steel, the revolving speed of the feed system can be adjusted according to different demand on production capacity.
      The conditioner of this granulating machine can be lengthened and enlarged to ensure that the material is fully cured.

    1. SZLJ508 Feed Pellet MillManufactured with the advanced technology home and abroad, this feed pelletizing machine can be used to produce various kinds of high-end pellet feed.
    1. SZLJ Wood Pellet MillComing with variable-frequency feeding device, the wood pellet making machine can effectively eliminate uneven material feeding caused by voltage instability.
    1. OGM-1.5 Pellet MillConforming to European Standard, this OGM-1.5 pellet mill is a newly developed pellet machine based on the market demand. Capable of affording greater load, the pellet manufactured is of high quality.
    1. OGM Biomass Pellet Mill

      This product is the European model granulators, is the best option for wood chips and biomass pellets.
      Professionally designed unimpeded double twisted feeder, ensure that the material is more uniform, with more stable feeding.

    1. 1-6 ton/h Hammer MillThe hammer mill is designed with a safety interlock device for the operation gate. To ensure the safety of the workers, the operation gate will not open when the rotor is running.