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SZLJ 25 Feed Pellet Mill

Depending on actual demand of customers, we provide the SZLJ25 model pellet mill with the production capacity of 0.5-1.5t per hour. The diameter of the granule manufactured is from Φ2-Φ8mm. This pelletizer is widely used by small and medium-sized animal feed plant for processing feed for livestock, pet and fish. If you are looking for high performance ring die pellet mill for animal feed production, then this range of pellet machine is the ideal choice for you.

Features of SZLJ25 Pellet Mill
1. Designed with belt drive system, this pellet press is more stable and reliable during operation.
2. Equipped with overload protection device, the pellet making machine will get short-circuited automatically for overload current. Being effectively protected, the service life of the granulating machine is prolonged.
3. Specially engineered for small and medium-sized plant, this feed mill equipment is more space-saving compared with other products in the industry.
4. The ring die pellet mill has simple structure, which makes for easier maintenance and lower cost for operation.
5. The imported bearing is conducive to reducing the noise caused during operation.

Technical Parameters of SZLJ25 Feed Pellet Mill
Model Engine Power (kW) Production Capacity (t/h) Power of Screw Conveyer (kW) Power of Conditioner (kW) Inner Dia. of. Ring Die (mm) Size of Granule (mm)
(For export)
18.5 0.5-1.5 0.75 1.1 Φ250 Φ2-Φ8

As an animal feed processing equipment specialist in China, we can also offer other styles of pellet maker machines for animal feed production. We welcome you to choose.

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