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SZLJ508 Feed Pellet Mill

Especially suitable for use in medium and large-sized animal feed processing plants, the SZLJ508 model pellet mill is able to produce as many as 20 tons of pellet feeds per hour. It is a kind of efficient and low noise ring die pellet mill applicable for producing poultry feed, livestock feed and aquatic feed.

This granulator is available in green and grey red. To meet the demand of the customers, we can accept the order for feed pellet mills with customized colors as well.

Pellet Mill Features
1. Manufactured with the advanced technology home and abroad, this feed pelletizing machine can be used to produce various kinds of high-end pellet feed.
2. The bearing and oil seal for the key part of the pellet mill is imported, which contribute to the long service life and the low noise during operation.
3. Engineered with variable frequency speed regulation system, the feed system of the pellet machine can operate stably and uniformly.

Technical Parameters of SZLJ508 Pellet Mill
Model Engine Power (kW) Production Capacity (t/h) Power of Feeder (kW) Power of Conditioner (kW) Inner Dia. of Ring Die (mm) Size of Granule (mm)
SZLJ508 132/160 4-20 1.5 7.5 Φ508 Φ2-Φ12
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