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OGM-1.5 Pellet Mill

Conforming to European Standard, this OGM-1.5 pellet mill is a newly developed pellet machine based on the market demand. Capable of affording greater load, the pellet manufactured is of high quality. This pelletizer has great compatibility with different types of materials, and thus it can be used as a feed pellet mill, wood pellet press, fertilizer granulator, etc. It has been successfully sold to the United Kingdom and is well-received by the clients.

Some parts and components of the ring die pellet mill are manufactured by our own company. Besides the low cost, the quality of the pellet press can be strictly controlled, as well. This pellet making machine is widely applied in processing feed, biomass fuel and fertilizer.

Features of OGM-1.5 Pellet Mill
1. The stainless steel feeder makes for the longer service life of the pellet mill.
2. Due to the adoption of a variable frequency speed regulation system, uniform material feeding is realized.
3. The larger stainless steel conditioner prolongs the curing time.
4. Coming in blue and white, our pellet machine is beautiful. Pelletizing machines of customized color are also available.
5. Optional engine power: 75kW, 90kW, 110kW.
6. Inner diameter of ring die: 480mm.

Model Power (kw) Capacity (t/h) Feeder power (kw) Regulator power (kw) Inner diameter of the ring die (mm) Particle size (mm)
OGM-1.5 75
0.75 2.2 480 Φ2-Φ12
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