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1-6 ton/h Hammer Mill

The SFSP series hammer mill with production capacity between 1 and 6t/h can be used to smash the raw material for pellet feed, such as corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, fragment of grain residue and other materials. Due to its compatibility with a variety of raw materials, the hammer mill can be used as a multifunctional grain mill to replace conventional flour mill, corn mill, etc.

This hammer crusher is an ideal choice for grain processing plant, feed mill, brewery, foodstuff factory and chemical plant.

Hammer Mill Features
1. Provided in welded steel plate, the rotor and the motor of the grinding mill are installed on the same base. Directly driven by the pin coupling, this grinding machine has higher transmission efficiency.
2. The hammer mill is designed with a safety interlock device for the operation gate. To ensure the safety of the workers, the operation gate will not open when the rotor is running.
3. Through the high-precision dynamic balance test, the forward and reverse rotation of the main rotor is realized.
4. Specially processed, the hammer of the hammer mill is of high-quality with long operating life and high efficiency.
5. Simply and reasonably designed, the grinder is provided with four pedestals underneath. Keeping away from the ground, the pollution and the abrasion caused by direct contacting with ground can be reduced.

Technical Parameters of 1-6t/h Hammer Mill
Model Power (kW) Production Capacity (t/h)
SFSP56×30 22 1-3
SFSP56×36 30 2-4
SFSP56×40 37 4-6
SFSP50 15 0.5-1.5
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