Cooling, Crushing and Screening Equipment

    1. SLZF11×80 Vibrating Screen with Cooling UnitThe SLZF11×80 series vibrating screen is mainly used for screening and classifying raw material and finished product. This screening machine is well received by grain processing plant, food stuff industry, chemical industry, sugar industry, mining, and papermaking.
    1. SKLN Counterflow Pellet CoolerThe temperature of the granule cooled can be controlled within 3-5℃ higher than the room temperature and the moisture loss is no less than 3%. br /> The discharging device of the counterflow cooler can be flexibly removed. The operation of the device is reliable.
    1. SSLG Pellet CrumblerThis pellet crumbler is mainly used to break Φ4.5-Φ8mm large granule into small pieces with the diameter from 2mm to 2.5mm. Compared with the traditional processing method, this crushing machine can offer high yield but low energy consumption.
    1. SFJH Screening and Classifying MachineThe screening of the material is conducted through the motion of the sieve. The moderate and balanced inertial force at each direction makes sure the rotary screener features low noise and small vibration during operation.

While producing pellet mills, we at Decheng is also an industrial crusher, cooler, and screener manufacturer and designer. Our range of cooling machine, crushing machine, and screening machine is commonly seen in feed mills, food processing plants, grain processing fields, and more.

Decheng vibrating screener and rotary screener are great solutions for particulate screening and classification. Our pellet crusher can be used in combination with our feed pellet mills to reduce the pellet size, thus achieving pellet feeds with smaller particle size while without reducing production capacity. Our range of innovative counterflow coolers offers an effective cooling solution for high temperature particles with high moisture content.