Separation and Cleaning Equipment

    1. TBLM Pulse Dust CollectorThe straight through solenoid valve has minimum requirement on air pressure. The large amount of air injected each time makes for less air consumption.
    1. SCY Grain CleanerThe fibrous impurities and the rice straw are discharged through the screw conveying device in the state of lump. So the cleaning is much easier.
    1. SZQZ Powder Cleaning MachineFeaturing high production capacity, optimal cleaning effect, low power consumption, simple structure and small land occupation, this screening equipment is provided with the gate for convenient daily maintenance.
    1. TCXT Permanent Magnetic SeparatorThe housing of the magnetic drum separator is fully made of stainless steel. The closed magnetic circuit makes for the powerful magnetic field strength, which is conducive to the optimal elimination effect of metal.

By supplying high performance separation equipment and cleaning equipment for powder and particle processing, Decheng has earned high reputation among our national and international clients.

Our range of magnetic separators, powder screening machines, as well as grain and seed cleaning equipment are great solutions to separate or remove impurities from powder or particle materials. Also we can supply pulse jet dust collector for dust removal or powder recycling purposes. If you have any demand on separation equipment and cleaning equipment, please contact us right now.