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Rotary Feeder

The TFPX series rotary feeder, also called a rotary discharger, is used for feeding and discharging materials in a bulk material handling system. It is available in 5 models and customers can choose the right model of rotary feeder based on their practical demand. This feeding equipment is widely applied in the feed mill, grain processing plant, and the working station of vertical silo.

Features of the Rotary Feeder
1. The compact structure contributes to the convenient installation.
2. Equipped with position switch and locating slot, the rotary feeder can be located at exact position. Also, the self-locking function leads to the good reliability of positioning.
3. The high quality seal ring makes for the outstanding sealing property of this bulk material discharging system.
4. The rotary feeder can automatically clean the dust inside it, which is conducive to daily maintenance.

Technical Parameters of the Rotary Feeder
Model Power (kW) Production Capacity (t/h)
TFPX4 0.37 Φ250mm: powder-40t/h
granule-60t/h Φ200mm: powder-30t/h
TFPX6 0.37
TFPX8 0.55
TFPX10 0.55
TFPX12 0.55
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