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    1. SZLJ20 Pellet MillThe pellet machine is well received because of the compact structure, nice appearance, high productivity, low energy consumption, convenient operation, and high reliability.
    1. SZLJ25 Feed Pellet Mill

      Equipped with overload protection device, the pellet making machine will get short-circuited automatically for overload current. Being effectively protected, the service life of the granulating machine is prolonged.

    1. SZLJ32 Feed Pellet Mill

      The SZLJ32 model pellet mill we offer can be divided into two series depending on the production capacity and length of the conditioner. If you need a ring die pellet mill for processing fodder for livestock and fish, the SZLJ32 series pellet mill is the best choice for you.

    1. SZLJ32B Feed Pellet Mill

      This machine is suitable for small and medium enterprises to do the granulation production of high-quality poultry, fish feed pellets and other materials.
      The main transmission uses imported bearings, low noise.

    1. SZLJ350 Feed Pellet MillThe exterior of the pellet making machine is made of high-grade carbon steel. Painted in light green, the pellet mill has nice appearance with good durability for use.
    1. SZLJ400 (420) Feed Pellet Mill

      Made of durable stainless steel, the revolving speed of the feed system can be adjusted according to different demand on production capacity.
      The conditioner of this granulating machine can be lengthened and enlarged to ensure that the material is fully cured.

    1. SZLJ508 Feed Pellet MillManufactured with the advanced technology home and abroad, this feed pelletizing machine can be used to produce various kinds of high-end pellet feed.
    1. FZLJ Compound Fertilizer Pellet MillIntegrated with the advanced technology abroad, this pellet mill is available in 6 models, with the maximum production capacity ranging from 1 to 6 tons per hour respectively. Capable of meeting the requirement of manufacturers with different scales of production, this fertilizer granulator is very popular with our customers.
    1. SZLJ Wood Pellet MillComing with variable-frequency feeding device, the wood pellet making machine can effectively eliminate uneven material feeding caused by voltage instability.
    1. OGM-1.5 Pellet MillConforming to European Standard, this OGM-1.5 pellet mill is a newly developed pellet machine based on the market demand. Capable of affording greater load, the pellet manufactured is of high quality.
    1. OGM Biomass Pellet Mill

      This product is the European model granulators, is the best option for wood chips and biomass pellets.
      Professionally designed unimpeded double twisted feeder, ensure that the material is more uniform, with more stable feeding.

    1. 1-6 ton/h Hammer MillThe hammer mill is designed with a safety interlock device for the operation gate. To ensure the safety of the workers, the operation gate will not open when the rotor is running.
    1. 12-22 ton/h Hammer Mill There is a U-shaped regrinding device designed under the crushing chamber of the pulverizer. In addition to the increase in production, the particle size of the material obtained is more uniform.
    1. Double Shaft MixerThe double shaft mixer is designed with a special discharging unit. The gate of the unit can be opened to a large angle. So the material discharge is quicker and the residue is less. Moreover, the gate is fully sealed to avoid the leakage of material.
    1. Horizontal Industrial MixerFeaturing high working efficiency, short mixing time, inner airflow circulation, and reasonable price, this industrial mixer is a good helper for feed mill, chemical plant, foodstuff factory, flourmill, etc.
    1. TDTG Bucket ConveyorThe automatic anti-deviation device can effectively protect the material from leakage sideways during operation. So the waste of material can be avoided.
    1. TLSS Screw ConveyorThis auger conveyor shall be horizontally installed or aslope installed with the angle of inclination no more than 20°. The main shaft is made of seamless steel tube and the transmission shaft is solid. They are easy to install and dismantle.
    1. TGSS Scraper ConveyorPossessing the following features, this scraper conveyor is applied for horizontally conveying unprocessed grain, semi-finished grain, feed and other pellet or powder at the places like grain depot, wharf, food processing factory, light industry, pharmaceutical industry, brewing industry, and some others.
    1. SLZF11×80 Vibrating Screen with Cooling UnitThe SLZF11×80 series vibrating screen is mainly used for screening and classifying raw material and finished product. This screening machine is well received by grain processing plant, food stuff industry, chemical industry, sugar industry, mining, and papermaking.
    1. SKLN Counterflow Pellet CoolerThe temperature of the granule cooled can be controlled within 3-5℃ higher than the room temperature and the moisture loss is no less than 3%. br /> The discharging device of the counterflow cooler can be flexibly removed. The operation of the device is reliable.
    1. SSLG Pellet CrumblerThis pellet crumbler is mainly used to break Φ4.5-Φ8mm large granule into small pieces with the diameter from 2mm to 2.5mm. Compared with the traditional processing method, this crushing machine can offer high yield but low energy consumption.
    1. SFJH Screening and Classifying MachineThe screening of the material is conducted through the motion of the sieve. The moderate and balanced inertial force at each direction makes sure the rotary screener features low noise and small vibration during operation.
    1. TBLM Pulse Dust CollectorThe straight through solenoid valve has minimum requirement on air pressure. The large amount of air injected each time makes for less air consumption.
    1. SCY Grain CleanerThe fibrous impurities and the rice straw are discharged through the screw conveying device in the state of lump. So the cleaning is much easier.
    1. SZQZ Powder Cleaning MachineFeaturing high production capacity, optimal cleaning effect, low power consumption, simple structure and small land occupation, this screening equipment is provided with the gate for convenient daily maintenance.
    1. TCXT Permanent Magnetic SeparatorThe housing of the magnetic drum separator is fully made of stainless steel. The closed magnetic circuit makes for the powerful magnetic field strength, which is conducive to the optimal elimination effect of metal.
  • Rotary Feeder The compact structure contributes to the convenient installation.
    Equipped with position switch and locating slot, the rotary feeder can be located at exact position. Also, the self-locking function leads to the good reliability of positioning.
    1. KSJZ1500 Feed Pelleting LineGenerally, the delivery time for this pelletizing line is 60 working days. Due to the compact structure, this pellet mill line requires small land occupation. Therefore, it can be put in one container for delivery.
    1. KSJZ5000 Feed Pelleting Line The land occupation, which is just 16% larger than that of KSJZ1500 series is effectively reduced since the height of the pellet feed production line is increased. At present, this pellet mill line has been sold to Vietnam, Philippines, Bengal, Africa, etc.
    1. SYTZ Liquid Feed Mixing TankThe instrument is installed outside the liquid mixing equipment. Therefore, it is very easy for customers to get understanding the operating conditions of the machine. The error for volume of addition is less than 0.5%.