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Applications of Pellet Making Machinery
  • Poultry and Livestock Feed Processing Equipment
  • Aquatic Feed Processing Equipment
  • Microbial Fertilizer Production Equipment
  • Pellet Production Equipment for Biomass Fuel
Poultry and Livestock Feed Processing Equipment

As a professional animal feed processing machinery manufacturer, Decheng Company is capable of offering different styles of feed processing equipment and processing technology. Besides, our company is also committed ourselves to providing comprehensive service to our customers. With our equipment and technology, customers can make the best use of the raw material to manufacture top-quality feed. More importantly, due to the reasonable design of the machine, our range of poultry and livestock feed processing equipment is conducive to reducing the use-cost of the customers to a great extent, which is just the reason why we can maintain our advantage in the fierce market competition.

Ever since the existence of the company, Decheng has always been adhering to the management principle of "Morality is the foundation for development, honesty conduces to good reputation". Perfectly integrating this principle into our product and the engineering, we can manufacture customized animal feed production lines according to the customers' production demand on producing feed for livestock, poultry, and the fodder for other animals. By following the rigorous hygienic standard, the feed manufactured with our pelletizing machinery is both green and safe.

According to the actual demand of the customers, we can configure the most reasonable product to our customers to meet their manufacturing requirement. Here are the different types of poultry and livestock feed processing equipment for your selection.

Aquatic Feed Processing Equipment

Through years' of experience in the animal feed production line industry, we deeply know that in the process of manufacturing aquatic feed, besides the reasonable formulation, step-by-step processing technology is also very important in improving the water solubility of feed, which has direct influence on the health and growth of aquatic animals. The production technology is the most important point in obtaining good water solubility, in which the pelletizing technology, pre-conditioning, and final conditioning technology determine the characteristics of the feed.

Decheng Company, who is capable of providing you the optimal aquatic feed processing equipment and production technology, will help you to improve the quality of your aquatic feed. With our animal feed processing technology, you can enjoy not only the high-quality aquatic feed processing equipment, but also the minimum production cost to realize the revenue maximization. The feed produced with our machine has good digestibility, which is conducive to improving the health of the aquatic animals.

Decheng Company can provide various kinds of the production equipment for aquatic feed. Here we would like to recommend this SZLJ32 (b3) model aquatic feed pellet mill to you. This feed processing equipment is specially offered for manufacturing aquatic feed. Designed with lengthened size, the curing degree of the feed is effectively improved. Moreover, feed produced with this pellet mill is softer than the livestock fodder, which is easier for the fish to digest. If you are interested in other kind of product and want to purchase it for manufacturing aquatic feed, you can tell us your detailed requirement. We will transform the product you like to meet your production demand.

The following equipment sets are main and key components of an aquatic feed production line. They can also be used independently.

Microbial Fertilizer Production Equipment

There is one or many viable cells of beneficial microorganism contained in the microbial fertilizer. The function of the fertilizer is realized through the vital activity of the beneficial microorganism. The transformation of substance and helpful metabolite can be obtained only when the breeding and the metabolism of the beneficial microorganism is vigorous.

In 2012, Decheng Company obtained the national patent on the production technology of microorganism fertilizer production equipment. The innovative technology and the personalized solution will offer great support to the global enterprises willing to develop microorganism fertilizer. We know very well the requirement for manufacturing high-quality feed. With rich experience, professional knowledge, and precise and reliable market sense, we are able to provide various kinds of fertilizer production equipment to meet different requirements of the customers.

It is our great honour to recommend FZLJ series fertilizer pellet mill to you, which is specially designed for manufacturing microbial fertilizer. For more details, please refer to the product here.

Moremover, you can contact us through E-mail if you want to learn more about the production equipment for microbial fertilizer. We will be very happy to offer service to you.

Pellet Production Equipment for Biomass Fuel

In addition to pellet machines and pellet mill lines for animal feeds and compound fertilizers, we can also supply pellet production line of biomass fuels.

The biomass fuel is a kind of economical fuel made of baculiform crop, peanut shell, bark, saw powder and solid waste like furfural residue, edible mushrooms residue, etc. After being processed, the diameter of the biomass pellet is typically ranging from 6mm to 8mm and the length is 4-5 times the length of the diameter. The fuel produced has good performance, percentage of granule breakage less than 2.0%, water content of dry basis less than 15%, ash content less than 1.5%, sulphur and chlorine content less than 0.07% and nitrogen content less than 0.5%.

Compared with the traditional fuel like timber, gasoline and natural gas, this biomass fuel features low cost, small pollution, and high burning capacity. The calorific value of the biomass fuel, which is 3900-4800 kcal/kg before carbonization, can be as high as 7000-8000 kcal/kg after carbonization. With good utilization of materials, the waste of resource can be reduced.

Since there is no sulphur or phosphorus contained in the fuel, no sulfur dioxide or phosphorus pentoxide is generated during burning. Accordingly, the environment is well prevented from acid rain and atmosphere pollution. As a clean fuel, the material feeding is very convenient, which will reduce the working strength and improve the working conditions in the workshop. Also, the cost borne by the manufacturer is hereby reduced. More importantly, ash generated after burning is a kind of high-quality organic potash fertilizer, which can be recycled for further utilization and can create more profit for the manufacturer.

As a country abounds with farm crops, China has abundant resource for crop stem, straw, peanut shell, etc. The decrease of resources has aroused increasing attention of the government. In China, the research and development of the biomass fuel is being accelerated day by day.

Not only the pelleting technology for biomass fuel, but also Decheng Company has powerful production capacity in offering pellet production equipment for biomass fuel. Our company has received very high praise from manufacturers engaged in producing wood pellet and other biomass pellet. With the trust from our clients, we can provide pelletizing machines for wood flour and other kinds of biomass fertilizer, as well as the optimal consultation service.

We would like to recommend this OGM-1.5 model pellet mill to you, which is designed based on the requirement of the customers from Europe. This newly developed pellet production equipment can be used for processing wood pellet. Currently, this biomass pellet machine is well received by the local customers in Europe. If you want to know more information about biomass fuel, please do not hesitate to contact us.